Today I want to share a simple way that you can get more bookings through your website.

We all like to think that we make rational, logical decisions when it comes to buying a product or service – but actually we don’t!  

One of the biggest marketing breakthroughs I had when I was a B&B owner was when I discovered that the vast majority of our buying decisions are actually based on emotional triggers – only THEN do we use our logic to justify those decisions.

No matter who you are or where you live in the world, these triggers have a huge impact on our buying decisions.  They work in our sub-conscious and we ALL respond to these triggers – every single one of us – you, me and your guests!

“What on earth has this got to do with increasing bookings through my website?” I can hear you ask.

Well, your website’s job is to influence website visitors to book with you and one of the easiest and best ways of doing this is by making sure you activate the relevant emotional triggers that will help them to quickly make the right decision – making a reservation with you. 

As I said there are lots of emotional triggers but today I want to talk to you about two of the core ones, Likeability and Trust.

Likeability.  This trigger is self-explanatory really – we enjoy doing business with people we like rather than those we don’t like.  Let’s be honest, if we like someone we’re more likely to say yes!

Trust.  Building trust is the ultimate short cut to influencing people to book with you.  It’s so much easier to get someone across the booking line if they trust you, if they believe you will do what you say you will – if they believe you will exceed their expectations.

We enjoy doing business with people we like and trust 

So, if you want to influence your website visitors and convince them to book with you, you simply need to make sure they like and trust you.

But how do you do that?

One way is by including an ‘About Us’ page on your website.

I can’t tell you how many B&B websites I come across that either don’t have an ‘About Us’ page at all or, if they do, it doesn’t even contain a picture of the owners on it, let alone the rest of the team. 

BIG mistake!

If you want to activate the emotional triggers of Like and Trust to help you convert more website visitors into actual guests then you need a separate page all about you on your website. And that page needs to be accessed from your main navigation.

Your ‘About Us’ page gives you the opportunity to:

– Start a relationship with your website visitors.
– Tell people why you do what you do. 
– Share your enthusiasm and passion about the local area that you live in. 
– It’s your opportunity to SHINE! 

What you put on your ‘About Us’ page is what makes you different from every other B&B out there because it’s all about the magic ingredient – YOU! 

What your ‘About Us’ page must include …

And there’s three things that your ‘About Us’ page must do in order to activate a website visitors emotional triggers of Likeability and Trust.

1. Make sure you introduce yourself properly

And I mean YOU and not YOUR B&B! A mistake many people make is that they think their ‘About Us’ page is all about their rooms and their breakfasts – it’s not.  It’s about you personally.

As a minimum it must include nice welcoming photos of you.  And if you have a team then you need to include photos of them as well and introduce them.

But why not go one step further and share a video on that page as well? There is nothing more powerful than a video so I really encourage you to include a welcome video on both your ‘About Us’ page and your ‘Home’ page.

It doesn’t have to be complicated – all you need to do is talk to the viewers as if you are there in front of them. Talk to them on a personal level as if you’re just having a chat with them.  Introduce yourself to them.

2:  Make sure you share your story

Stories are so powerful.  If you want to make your business and your marketing memorable, then you need to tell a story on your ‘About Us’ page too. 

Now that doesn’t mean you have to write a novel but you do need to tell a short engaging story about you, why you do what you do and what you love about serving your guests.  Let potential guests know your values and your promise too.

By letting potential guests get to know you more it builds the relationship between them and you.  It will help to make website visitors feel instantly at ease so that booking with you becomes a no brainer.

3.  Shout about your achievements

Sharing your awards and accomplishments is the perfect tool for establishing trust. 

Let potential guests know that you are an expert in your field, demonstrate how you will create a positive experience for them because this will put you leaps ahead of your competitors. 

Don’t be afraid or too modest to shout about your achievements and your successes.  They will help reassure your website visitors that they will be in safe and capable hands if they book with you. 

Until next time, remember …

If you want to get more bookings through your website then it’s vital that you activate the emotional triggers of Like and Trust throughout all of your marketing.

Stephanie x