How to write a B&B Blog

So many accommodation businesses have now wised up to the power of a bed and breakfast blog – which is great news for them, but not so good for you.

For you it means that, to avoid becoming absorbed and ignored when it comes to blogging, you need to ensure that your Blogs are GOOD and REGULAR!

In order to help you navigate this tricky landscape I have identified FIVE steps towards writing a Brilliant Blog!

Step #1 – Be passionate!

Write about something you have a real passion for. Hopefully if this is linked to your business then you are already in an enviable position – and your enthusiasm will be apparent.

Not all Blogs need to be lengthy but every so often a protracted, more detailed article will underpin your knowledge and expertise. More in-depth pieces may also provide the starting-point for responses from potential and existing customers.

Step #2 – Create a content plan

If you are writing about something you enjoy then it will not be too arduous a task to ensure that you plan ahead and create a Content Plan in order to post consistently.

You would be wise to timetable your Blog-plan for the next twelve months and make sure that the task is highlighted in your calendar on a regular basis.

Step #3 – Spread the load

You don’t have to write all the content yourself. Why not spread the load and responsibility and ask for Guest Contributions? Additional variety and new perspectives will, in turn, encourage a renewed interest from your readers.

It will also boost wider audience numbers; after all, who can resist the compliment of being asked to contribute like this – and your guest’s contacts will similarly spread-the-word!

Step #4 – Keep sharing

Don’t forget the all-important task of sharing your Blog via Social Media. This is where regular “sharing” and short Posts or Tweets will encourage traffic to your Blog and website.

As social media is quick and transient you are wise to keep on-tip of pages linked to your business – you do not want to appear to be ‘behind-the-times’ if you only up-date every few months. Aiming to give ‘status’ up-dates at least twice a week is acceptable as this will wet the appetite for any new lengthier Blogs on your website.

Step #5 – Create a sense of community

Creating position presence on social media sites will encourage and nurture a sense of community for those reading your Blog. 

Encourage your website visitors to make commentary, conversation and reciprocal interaction – this is what has made social media so popular after all – and make sure that you respond to any feedback from your growing readership!

Until next time, remember…

Successful blogs may appear to be relaxed and informal but to get it right also requires commitment and planning.

​Stephanie x