Here’s something you’ll hear me say time and time again:

Forget about what the majority is doing.  Go the opposite way!

Building a successful and profitable B&B is NOT normal.

Earning a great living from an accommodation business is NOT normal.

If you want either – I mean really want as opposed to ‘wouldn’t it be nice to have’ – then you can’t do what ordinary B&B owners do.

You can’t think like them or behave like them.

Ordinary B&B owners have ordinary businesses.

Extraordinary B&B owners have extraordinary businesses.

But it requires you to become extraordinary in order to do it. 

In everything!

If you’re prepared to do what’s necessary to become extraordinary then you can and will achieve extraordinary results.

An extraordinary amount of direct bookings.

An extraordinary amount of money in the bank.

An extraordinary amount of freedom.

Most people either won’t “get it”  or won’t be prepared to do what it takes.

Until next time, remember …

Make sure you go the opposite way to the ordinary B&B owner.

Stephanie x