If you’re serious about growing your B&B, attracting more guests and making more money then you have to be serious about Google Analytics. 

Google Analytic is free, easy and delivers seriously powerful insights. It really has changed everything online.​

The world’s information and media is available to nearly everyone at the simple click of a button and smart phones, tablets and laptops means that nearly everyone around the world is now connected 24 hour a day, seven days a week.

It’s vital you market your business effectively online

You need to make effective decisions about what you should be doing online to increase bookings further and you will only be able to do this when you have a system in place to collect and analyse all your business data. 

You need to really understand all the different ways you engage with your guests, existing and potential ones, and measure the effectiveness of those engagements. Only then will you be able to take the necessary actions to continually improve your results.​

This is where google analytics come in. Google analytics help you to analyse data from both your business and your competitors’ businesses and then use that data to continually improve the online experience your guests have, ultimately increasing bookings.

The guest buying journey has changed forever

Potential guests go through different stages of a journey before, and if, they actually make a booking with you. 

The first part of that journey is where you build an awareness of your B&B and your brand through your marketing activities. This then attracts the interest of a potential guest and then you start engaging with them, for example through free ebooks, emails, through your blog or social media each time driving them towards making a booking.

Once you’ve converted them into a guest the final phase of the marketing journey is to then ensure that their first booking isn’t their last and that they keep booking with you.

The potential guest can decide to book, or not to book, anywhere along this journey. They could make the decision in the first stage when they see your advert or marketing or they could leave the decision until after you’ve engaged with them on many different levels.

If you want a thriving B&B it’s your job to figure out where along the journey your potential guests are making their decisions and what messages they need to hear at that time. This only happens when you analyse the guest’s behaviour not the media you are marketing to them through.

That’s where Google Analytics comes in

Tools like Google Analytic give you accessible, reliable analytics that will help you to understand how well you are performing.

However, it’s not just a case of diving into Google Analytics and all the answers will be there. For Google Analytics to work well for you, you need to have a clear plan. Before you start you need to determine exactly what your business objectives or outcomes are and how you are going to measure those objectives.

In the online world there are different business objectives but as a B&B owner your online objective is to sell your rooms. 

There is one clear action that someone takes on your website that meets your main objective and that is when someone makes a booking. This is called a ‘macro’ conversion. 

But there are also smaller actions called micro conversations that are also important but they don’t immediately contribute to your bottom line. These actions usually show you when a potential guest is getting closer to a macro conversion, ie closer to booking with you. For example they’ve opted in to your free ebook or newsletter, they’ve been checking your prices online or they’ve emailed you with an enquiry.​

It is important to measure all of the actions – the macro and micro conversions – so that you have data at your fingertips that will help you understand what converts visitors to your website into guests.

They’re also essential for continual improvement

Google Analytics are also vital if you want to continually improve your business. It will help you to understand how many visitors are actually converting into bookings and where along the journey you are converting those visitors or losing them. 

Analysing the data will help you to improve the experience so less visitors are lost and more are converted into guests. And when you make the changes for improvement Google Analytics will help you to measure the effectiveness of such changes.​

It’s a continual process – you measure, you analyse, you improve, you repeat.

Until next time, remember…

Google Analytics are one of the secrets to ensuring you continually increase bookings, improve turnover and boost profits all allowing you to live the life you dreamed of.

Stephanie x