Write A B&B Blog

Did you know that your B&B blog is the central axis for all your marketing campaigns? 

Your online marketing activities should be pointing your reader towards your blog and this means that it is vital that you keep adding new, quality and well written content to this site. 

But I am often asked by B&B owners ‘How on earth am I meant to find time to write a B&B blog, on top of everything else?’​

So I thought I’d share just a few of my brilliant blogging tips to help you to write a blog post in under 20 minutes.

Keep a list of ideas for your B&B blog

Keep a written or online list of post ideas and when you need to write a blog it will mean that you won’t be struggling with what to write, you’ll simply be able to refer to your list. Don’t forget – whenever an idea strikes you simply add it to your list!

Organise your posts

Organise your writing into bullet points or lists as this makes the whole process a lot simpler and quicker than trying to write long paragraphs. Posts like this are also easy and quick for readers to take in!

Keep it short

When you write a B&B blog, if you keep it to under 500 words, you stand a very good chance of finishing it in 30 minutes or so. Just because it is not full of words does not mean it is not full of content. Be concise and make every word count!

Revisit your writing

If you get stuck, don’t worry! Simply leave it for now and come back later. You’ll find it will be so much easier to finish writing your article when you come back to it fresh.

Don’t save your best ideas

It is tempting, when you look through your list of ideas, to save the best ones for later because you think they will be easier to write. Don’t do this! Honestly, you will have more great ideas as time goes on, so write the articles you know will come easily now.

Use economies of scale

If you suddenly find you are in the mood for writing, ideas are flowing and you are going great guns, why not write several posts in one sitting? You will find that you use your time more efficiently this way than writing one article at a tie and you will have a selection of blogs ready for when you need one next.

Until next time, remember…

If you can, find a spare hour to put together a list of your B&B blog ideas. From experience, once you’ve written the list you will probably find yourself thinking of things you would like to say in the articles. Let the creative juices flow because before you know it, you’ll have written your B&B blog.

Stephanie x

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