“You may encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated” – Maya Angelou

At the beginning of every month, I encourage my Thrive members to plan out what they need to do over the next 30 days to achieve their goals.

But our situation right now is far from normal which has made things a little more difficult…

However, that doesn’t mean we’re simply going to stop focusing on what needs to be done to achieve their goals. Instead, we’re doing the opposite and using this as an opportunity to really push forward in their businesses.

After all, never before have so many of us been faced with a sink or swim scenario.

So yes, we’re having to reset their 2020 goals because of the current situation but we’re still putting things in place to ensure they take action over the coming weeks and months that will ensure they emerge from all this stronger than ever before.

And in this blog article, I’d like to share some top tips to help you do the same.

So how do you go about resetting your goals and adapting when everything has changed?

My version of goal setting is all about identifying where you want to be, planning what you need to do to get you there and then implementing those things to make it happen.

However, I know that staying focused and implementing is currently something many people are struggling with.

This world around us at the moment is more challenging and more distracting than anything we might normally experience, but there are some things you can do to ensure you keep working ON your business and moving it forward – not just hitting refresh on the news.

So here some key things to consider when planning your time and adjusting to a change in your plans

1 – Allow yourself some time to adjust to the change

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple of weeks helping my students and members to adjust. Whatever the reason for your plans being derailed, there’s always a period of coming to terms with it and accepting the fact that things have changed.

At the moment I think all of us are grieving, not only for the plans we might have had for our lives and businesses, but for the “normal” lives we were living only a few weeks ago.

It’s hard to plan for the future, or even decide on what to do today, when your mind and emotions are all over the place.

It’s normal to feel very distracted. It’s normal for things to take a lot longer than usual. It’s normal to find that your motivation is highly variable from one day to the next.

The key here is not to fight it – just work with it!

2 – Go back to the big picture

Whenever you need to adapt your plans, it’s always a good idea to go back to your vision for the future. Otherwise it can be easy to react quickly and change direction without thinking about whether this change is likely to help to contribute to the business and life you want.

Sometimes quick changes are necessary just to survive and put food on the table but it’s always good to remind yourself that this isn’t a long-term direction for you.

You still need to focus on what the dream is.

What does your life look like with a successful B&B? What does it mean to you and to the people close to you?

3 – Identify what you need to accomplish over the next 90 days

Once you’ve revisited your vision, then you need to identify what you need to spend your time doing over the coming weeks and months that will help you to still achieve that dream.

Whilst you may not be able to welcome guests at the moment, you can still work ON the business, building useful assets that you would normally struggle to find time for. These include working on your list, improving your website, creating new content and communicating with your audience. All of these will help your business going forward.

4Identify WHEN you’re going to work ON your business each day

Based on your “new normal,” and without any judgment about what you “should” be able to do, decide how much time you are going to spend working ON your business each day.

Remember though, a time when you’re adapting to tremendous personal and emotional upheaval and disruption to your normal business life, is not a time to be overambitious!

Don’t add too much to your plate as you’re adjusting. Aim for small wins and build up. If you think you can only manage 60 minutes a day that’s fine, start with that and build up from there.

Once you’ve identified when, book that time out in the diary – make it a date and stick to it.

5 – Focus on just 3 tasks a day

At times like this, your planning and decision-making skills really get tested. There are so many things to think about and the distractions are both external and internal (I don’t think I’ve ever heard my own thoughts as much as I have done in the past couple of weeks).

The secret to success is to recognise that you don’t need plan out your whole diary for the next 90 days. Make the timeframes and the tasks smaller. Think about what’s going to happen this week and then focus on what you need to do TODAY.

When you put together a massive ‘to do’ list, what happens is you often get overwhelmed by everything you need to do and lose motivation.

So, once you’ve compiled your 90 day plan, break it down into 30 day chunks and then break those 30 day chunks down into 7 days chunks.

And then just focus on the next 7 days. Each day identify just three tasks that you want to achieve from your 7 days list.

And then just focus on the 3 tasks you have to do each day – don’t look ahead!

Until next time, remember …

It’s easy to think that this stuff doesn’t matter but I know that during a time of crisis it’s essential to keep moving forward. Even if the steps you take are only small ones, each one is still a small success.

So, keep your head up and remember to be kind to yourself.

Stephanie x