B&B Press Releases

B&B Press Releases

You may well think that the secret of getting something published is creating a well-written, properly structured article and you may feel confident that you could quite easily write a couple of pages promoting your B&B.

Well this is true in part but there is more…

A short eye-catching news piece or informative article can increase your chances of success ten-fold. But what if no-one reads it or, even worse, it never gets to the publishing stage after all your hard work!

There are some fundamental things which can make or break your chances. I’d like to share some tips on how you can help ensure your editorial gets noticed.

1. Make your copy easy to read

Bullet points often work well. Check your spellings and grammar because it creates a much better ‘first impression’ and your material will be easier to use.

2. Avoid writing too many words

Why write 10 words when 5 will do! Also engage with your readers and consider what they would like to read rather than what you want to write.

3. Take notice of editorial guidelines and deadlines

They are essential to any Editor even though you may think they are irrelevant to you.  Best check if you’re not sure of anything and, however good your writing is, if you leave an Editor with empty pages to fill you probably won’t be asked to contribute again, so make it easy for them.

4. Choose the right outlet carefully

This is a common mistake B&B owners often make. Make sure you will be hitting your target audience rather than other members of your own industry or even your competitors.

5. Get your timings right

You don’t want your news to be ‘old’ news by the time it’s published so build in sufficient lead-times to your intended PR activity.

6. Submit great photographs

Show yourself and your B&B off. Great photographs will promote your business in the best possible light and encourage potential guests to read on and possibly even call you there and then!

Until next time, remember…

Until you find the time to put together editorials, whether it’s B&B Press Releases or an article, and send it out to all your PR contacts, you’ll never know what could happen!

Stephanie x