Bed and breakfast on social media 

Bed and Breakfast On Social Media

Too often I hear B&B owners say marketing a bed and breakfast on social media takes up too much time.

To those B&B owners I say “That’s total nonsense!”

How often do B&B owners find themselves with ten spare minutes on their hands while waiting for guests?

Waiting for them to check in, waiting for them to check out or simply waiting for them to come down for breakfast?

Whatever you do, don’t waste this valuable time.  Use it wisely!

To help, here’s some secrets to marketing a bed and breakfast on social media during your busy day:

While you are waiting for your guests to come down to breakfast:

Post a short update on social media about an attraction in your local area.

Carry out a quick overview of your Facebook page and check everything is up to date.

Comment on a blog published by a local attraction or organisation.

While you are waiting for them to go out so you can get into their rooms to clean them:

Get inspiration from other peoples’ posts and make a note of any good ideas.

Send out a link to one of your best blog posts to your Social Media audience.

Follow a new local press contact on social media.

While you are waiting for guests to check out and say goodbye:

Request a recommendation via LinkedIn – simply write a quick message and send it!

Respond to or share a post by someone from your Key Contacts list.

Think of ideas for a couple of great blog posts and jot them down.

Until next time, remember … 

​Create a small checklist of little social media tasks using my suggestions and creating some of your own. Then every time you find yourself with a few spare minutes implement some of these tasks.

When you get into the routine of doing these little jobs regularly it really does pay dividends – honestly!

Stephanie x