I see too many B&B owners focus on the more rational ‘nuts and bolts’ parts of their business, while the reality is guests are less likely to remember what you do for them, than how you made them feel.

More often than not, it’s the businesses that push their guest’s emotional buttons that win big.  Of course, it isn’t easy, but all it really requires is a little thought. I promise you, it can be done. 

To help, here’s three easy ways you can turn your guests into loyal fans …

#1  Constantly engage with your guests 

Often guests want nothing more than to know they’re important to you.  Engage with them before, during and they stay with you.  Ensure you’ve taken steps to turn them into fans who’ll return to you often and encourage others to do the same. 

#2  Create a really positive guest experience 

Every accommodation provider thinks they do this but truth is few do it to a genuinely word class, memorable standard.  Each interaction with a guest is a chance to strengthen your relationship with them.  Make sure you WOW them every time.

#3  Do things your own way   

Guess what – your guests are only human, they like surprises and the best way to do that is to do things a little differently. 

Do something unusual and extraordinary. It doesn’t actually need to be much.  Send a hand-written card or call them to say hello in the months following their stay.  Send a special loyalty offer telling them how much you value them.  Make a note of when their birthday is and send them a card

I promise you, just offering a smidge more than your competitors will make a real difference.

Until next time, remember ….

If you implement these three simple things within your business, in turn, your guests will reward you by coming back and staying loyal.

Stephanie x