Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself “Who really are my guests?

Do you know exactly who you are targeting? 

Do you know what they need and want? 

What are their pain points and drivers, even their hassles and irritations? 

Do you know what really frustrates them when trying to find somewhere to stay? 

And, what are the key requirements that they are looking for from accommodation like yours?

Guest profiling is vital if you want to build a successful business – you need to know who your ideal guests are and understand what motivates them to book.

When’s the last time you took a fresh look at your guests?

After all – where would you and your business be without them?  More importantly, could your business be in a better place if you took just a little time to really think about your guests and whether what you’re doing fits with what they want and need?

Perhaps you need to tweak your marketing message a little to align with how they’re thinking?  Perhaps tweak your offering to fit their requirements and to really wow them? 

Or maybe you need to change your target guest completely!

My challenge to you …

Why not book some time out in the diary and spend an hour or two really focusing on who your ideal guest is OR should be.

And when you’ve done that, identify whether you need to make any changes to your offering and service to make sure you really WOW them!

Stephanie x