B&B Social Media
B&B Social Media

I’ve said it so many times before but I’m going to say it again – if you want more guests then the one thing you cannot afford to do in your business is ignore social media.

When used correctly, social media will help you to increase direct bookings and reduce your reliance on OTAs.

Social Media helps your B&B to stand out from the crowd

Social Media is great for information sharing and profile building, making it perfect for demonstrating exactly what your B&B has to offer.

Also, because you can find out so much information about your guests and prospective guests it can help you to meet their exact requirements ensuring your B&B really stands out from the crowd.

The answer to your never-ending hunt for new guests

Even as you are reading this, there are people looking for somewhere to stay in your location and you offer exactly what they’re looking for.  The trouble is, they have NO IDEA that you exist.  They don’t know about you and your B&B because you’re not showing up online.

You need to encompass Social Media marketing now if you want people to find you.  You need to create a powerful social media strategy You need to engage in everything from Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to YouTube and blogs to find out which ones work best for you.

Not engaging in Social Media could cost you!

If you’re not engaging in Social Media marketing then frankly, as long as you are delighted with the number of bookings you’re currently getting, you probably don’t need to.

However, if you don’t have all the bookings you can handle then you need to master Social Media NOW.  You need to recognise the value in investing the time, money and resources needed to improve these much needed skills.

Until next time, remember …

When you implement successful Social Media marketing within your business you will never struggle to increase direct bookings.

Stephanie x