If you are serious about building a thriving business, then it’s vital that you constantly exceed your guest’s expectations! 

Real customer service is rare these days, VERY rare.  To be honest, we’ve got used to not receiving great service – we just don’t expect it anymore. 

So, if you deliver a great guest experience people will remember you, they will talk about you, they will recommend you and they will come back again.

Take a few moments to think about one of your best buying experiences …

What made it great?

How much of what happened was a NECESSARY part of the sale?  

​What did the person or the business do to go that extra mile? 

How many people have you told about that great service? 

How many times have you gone back to the same business? 

Until next time, remember …

You know how GREAT service really feels. You know what it’s like when you get it. So make sure you are constantly creating the same feeling for your guests!

Stephanie x